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Grant Application Guidelines

  1. Please complete all sections of the Grant Application Form and then post 2 hard copies together with all attachments.
  2. There are three rounds of application each year and the closing dates are 20 March, 20 June and 20 September.
  3. By the same date, please email a copy of the Grant Application Form and all other Word or scanned attachments (references, proof of Jewishness, passport page, etc.).
  4. You must provide sufficient detail as to why you want to go on a programme to Israel, what you expect to get out of it, what contribution you have made to a Jewish community organisation (or other organisations) to date, and what contribution you promise to make in the future.
  5. All applications must be wordprocessed on the Grant Application Form or they will be returned and may miss the deadline. Hardcopies do not have to be in colour or bound.
  6. Your application will not be considered outside of the published application dates but you may request that it be held over to the next round.
  7. New applications will not be considered within three years of receiving an Erman Trust grant, unless there are special circumstances.
  8. Under the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993 the Erman Trust Grants Committee confirms that the information requested will be used solely for the purposes of the Erman Trust to support individual applications and will remain confidential to the Erman Trust Board and the Erman Trust Grants Committee.
  9. If you are successful in obtaining a grant you will need to sign a contract that includes a commitment to give at least two months' service to the Jewish community for every month you spend on the programme in Israel. This contract will lay out all the conditions of the grant.
  10. Note that as part of your commitments you will need to submit a report by 31 January for those who went on annual programmes and within a month of returning to New Zealand for all others.
  11. If you are applying through a youth movement an accurate costing of course fees and other expenses must be provided to you by that movement. Note that airfares are not funded by the Erman Trust. Limited funds are available and what you will receive depends mostly on the number and costs of all applicants in one year and on interest rates. In the past most applicants have received 15-30% of the total costs. This means that for the long hachshara programmes of Habonim and Bnei Akiva successful applicants have usually received between $5000 and $7000. Applicants for shorter programmes naturally get lower amounts, usually between $1000 and $3000.

Grant Application Form

Click here to download the Grant Application Form in Word format

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